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Obelisk104 wants YOUR ideas!!!

2009-08-30 19:12:28 by obelisk104

Ok, the deal is: I need some freaking ideas!!! Im gonna do a comic, and i just got two characters! I need someone that is good on this with thinking out stories and characters! And i dont even got a own story or main character.. So if anyone would want to, send me a email or comment a story or a character. I got the third or second character, me, myself, i, Obelisk104 ''Obey'' aka. NONstop, powerfull but wierd as hell, talks alot, anoying and he loves to kill, the crazy-ass-guy. Then we got a close combatant with no hair, mouth(but still can talk in a wierd ass way), ears(still can hear) or a nose(cant smell). But he got a body that is like rubber! He can stretch out all his bodyparts how he wants to and blow them up like ballons. His name is Finn aka. Stretch. Both is males and hang out toghether. Obey is a wierdass and Finn is a greedy-alcoholic-parkour-loving-barfig hting-kind of a guy. So now you know the two ones i got, not pretty god huh? I know.. But thats why i need your ideas! Send me them if you want to, pictures would be nice, and there is other races then humans in it and its in the present. And remember:
''Obelisk104 wants YOUR ideas!!!''

If you want to see the two ones i have made (early pics, gonna fix a nose on Obey) check out this link ?v=eOrYV9ZOj0U


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2009-08-30 20:40:39

Bon'Draka- A tall, tall, blue stick figure with arms and legs like giant needles.(Think of his hands and arms going together at a single point. Same thing with his legs.) He is quiet, intelligent, and he dislikes the wildness of the others. But he's also a good killer.

Sahll-Ode (Alias-Solid Sam)- Medium height, doesn't have a face, but the rest of his body is normal. He wears a green jacket, and has rectangular finger. He is called Solid because his body is as hard as steel. Quiet, like 'Draka, but usually enjoys Obey's and Stretch's company.

Tristen- Very, very, short; she is a fairy like alien that came from a far away planet. She's the only girl in the group. She is rowdy, and fun-loving, but she can't stand Obey. She's usually found hovering around 'Draka's shoulders.

The plot. (This is just basic. You can change it around and add stuff if you want.):

On the newly inhabited Mars, Humans make a daily living as they do on Earth. But strange radiation has turned some of these inhabitants into mutants; some for better, some for worse. And a small collection of them (the main characters) try to repel the oncoming siege of the much larger coalition, known as Mirage. The head of Mirage is named Count Ti'al Amshid'al. He has many mutants, known as Martians, at his disposal. (You can continue from here. Glad I could help you!) =P

(Updated ) obelisk104 responds:

Good ideas! Im sure i will use some, thanks for the comment