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Got up some new characters!

2009-09-19 07:19:22 by obelisk104

Okey, i got up with some ideas, and some pepole helped me. Thanks to BlueToaster, MatteYli104 and NissDavid. But still need some other ideas, characters, places, powers, names, stories( still need backround stories for some of my characters, Finn, Vince, Wabbo still needs some stories ), weapons, teams( there is 15 teams ), and so on. You got any ideas that could become usefull to me? And you want to share it with me? Then i would gladly get an comment or an email from you.



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2009-09-19 09:59:27

Just pm me one at a time. I fill you in on the character's backgrounds.


2009-09-19 14:02:37

I still have more ideas.


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