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Important choice!!!

2009-09-23 11:19:32 by obelisk104

I got a HUGE problem, I mean it!!! Its first a mutant comic that stares me and some other wierdass freaks, and even some serious pepole too.(Look at my other blogs for more information)

An fantasy history, staring an evil demon guy that kill pepole with a smile on his lips, an good-guy paladin, an other demonic creature but this one is an women, and some other wierdass creatures.
Why the paladin is hanging around with an demon? Thats that the demon is tricking the paladin to help him to get away from the demons he got after him, its that he escaped from hell! Aaaaaand he stole Lucifer´s beer. And on the way of their adventure they meets some wierd, and i mean wierd, creatures sutch as: Demonic misstresses, giant talking veggies, vampires, zombies, bounty hunters, priests, racoons, hippies, and so on.

An SERIOUS comic( really not my style ) in an old-time-private detective way, the mian character is an private detective that is the best one in London, it says that noone has seen this ''privatedetective´s'' face, or the rest of the body that is. He goes under the name of Maxwell Smithers, and the rumors is true, noone has seen the detective´s face, becurse of the metalic armor around his whole body. London isn´t what it seems it is, the undergrounds and about 79% of all the ones that REALLY lives in the city is un-human. He gets jobs from everyone, he does them, and he does it good. Comment your vote now!!!

Orange=Mutant Comic(me)
Green=Fantasy Comic(James/the demon)
Grey=Detective Comic(The private detective)

Important choice!!!


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